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What is human design?

The Human Design System is a synthesis of the four ancient wisdom teachings of astrology, chakra teaching, the Chinese I Ching and Kabbalah. The Human Design Chart provides a portfolio of information about the human energy system. The I Ching is considered the oldest book in the world. It contains a collection of 64 hexagrams that are associated with mystical statements. The I Ching is an important part of Chinese philosophy and at the same time the basis of classic Feng Shui. It is of great importance to Chinese philosophy because it makes fundamental statements about the path to enlightenment. It is one of the thirteen Confucian classics and is the oldest of them. The tradition of using the I Ching for oracles is still unbroken today. Astrology is the science that draws conclusions for the assessment of earthly conditions and their development from the mathematical recording of the locations and movements of the celestial bodies, as well as location- and time-dependent coordinate intersections. 

In astrology, connections between astronomical events and worldly processes are interpreted and it is assumed that everything has an energetic connection.


Kabbalah is a mystical tradition of Judaism. According to the Kabbalistic view, everything that exists in the universe can also be found in man. From this follows the Kabbalistic basic idea ofmicro-andmacrocosm. Every human being is a miniature universe. The perfection of the whole is also found in the human being. As is often the case in mysticism, it is about overcoming the everyday self and the conscious and self-controlled transition to a transformation. It is about a way to transcend limitations and live a more conscious life connected to the macrocosm. In Kabbalah today, the relationship between teacher and student is still considered essential.


Chakras are loud tantric Hinduismthe energy centers between the physical and the subtle human body. These are through energy channels tied together. Seven of the chakras, believed to be the main human energy centers, are located along the spine, or vertical axis, of the body. Different teachings and schools vary in their understanding of details such as the number and exact location of the chakras. In human design, nine energy centers are assumed.

Image by Mourad Saadi

Dein Human Design

In deinem ersten Human Design Reading lernst du die Grundlagen deines Designs zu verstehen und wie du dieses Wissen für dich umsetzt und verkörperst. 

Human Design


From your Human Design Chart you can see your potential strengths and weaknesses, how you best interact with other people and how you easily attract everything that is meant for you into your life. Human Design describes the energy of your life theme and your energy type. Your HD chart brings to your attention unconscious characteristics and needs that you still want to live and embody.

With the knowledge of Human Design, you will find out what energy is constantly available to you and in which areas you may have been conditioned by society or your environment. Perhaps you are living a version of yourself in these areas today that does not correspond to your true self. A version that drains your energy instead of giving you more energy. A version that holds back your potential instead of pushing you into your power.

The magic happens when you consistently embody and live what you have learned. Especially in those challenging moments where you decide which version of yourself to choose and strengthen. 

Let your inner authority guide you and follow your inner compass and soul plan. here you come to the course of a reading.

Image by Adam Jang

HD Basic Reading

  • In a human design reading with me, you will learn all the essential information from your human design chart.

  • In a 90-minute session, I will explain your profile, your energy type, your inner authority according to Human Design, and your individual strategy in detail. 

  • We discuss in detail your defined and undefined centers, the most important gates of your chart, as well as your incarnation cross.

  • I will explain to you what this knowledge means for you in everyday life and give you direct tips for implementation. I will explain everything to you in such detail that you can understand it immediately and apply it to yourself. 

  • In your first Human Design Reading it is essential that you understand the basics of your design and learn from the start how to implement and embody this knowledge for yourself. 

  • I am happy to address topics from your life that are relevant to you.


Basic Reading     90 min       200 Euro

Image by Casey Horner

HD Focus Reading

  • In a Focus Reading with me you will learn even deeper and more complex connections from your Human Design Chart.

  • Depending on what you already know about yourself and your chart, we will go even deeper into the specific details and peculiarities. 

  • You will receive even more information about other gates, channels, astrological aspects, as well as subtleties of your energy type, your strategy, etc.

  • I'll pick you up right where you are.

  • If you have specific questions or topics and are curious about what can be read from your Human Design Chart. 


Beforehand, we discuss what is currently relevant for you. That is what we focus on.


These can be topics such as business strategy, partnership, holistic health, abundance and resources.


Focus Reading     90 min      200 Euro      

course of a reading

  • In a Human Design Reading, I will explain your very personal Human Design Chart to you. 


  • In a personal conversation lasting about 90 minutes, you will learn all the important information about your design. 


  • I will explain your energy type, your personal strategy, your inner authority, your defined and undefined centers, important gates and channels, and your incarnation cross. 


  • You also have enough time to ask questions.


  • If you have any further questions after the reading, feel free to send them to me via email or WhatsApp.


  • You book your HD Reading with me by email and send me your birth details (date, exact time and place of birth).


  • We make an appointment and I prepare your HD chart in detail.


  • You will also receive an audio recording of the session and your Human Design Chart.

Image by Cristian Palmer

Ich hatte vor Kurzem die Gelegenheit, ein Human-Design-Reading zu erleben und muss sagen, dass es eine außergewöhnliche und bereichernde Erfahrung war. Das Lesen meines persönlichen Human-Design-Charts ermöglichte es mir, mehr über mein »wahres Selbst« zu erfahren und einen tieferen Einblick in meine Persönlichkeit und meine Lebensziele zu erhalten.


Hilke Johanna ist äußerst kompetent und einfühlsam. Sie ging geduldig auf meine Fragen ein und erklärte verständlich die verschiedenen Aspekte meines Charts und wie sie meine Entscheidungen, Beziehungen und Energien beeinflussen können. Ich fühlte mich während des gesamten Prozesses wohl und unterstützt.

Ich kann ein Human-Design-Reading jedem empfehlen, der daran interessiert ist, sich selbst besser kennenzulernen und sein volles Potenzial auszuschöpfen. Es hat mir geholfen, mehr Klarheit und Orientierung in mein Leben zu bekommen.

T., aus Bremen

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