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About me

I love to travel, to open myself to new things, to move, to discover new countries and new cultures. I find it easy to learn new languages and it inspires me to live in a multicultural society.

I love the sun, nature, especially the sea, real encounters, yoga, sports, my friends and my family. Traveling through Europe, South America and West Africa has inspired me and shaped me as a person.


For me, body, mind and soul are inextricably linked and can only be strengthened as a whole. Everything is possible. For me, nutrition, exercise and meditation are the basis for a powerful, happy, enjoyable life.


I love mysticism. The magic of the infinite and the inexplicable. 

Mental freedom and spirituality - anchored and connected to the material, physical world. I also love mathematics, logic, structures, patterns, superordinate connections and orders. Human design is a wonderful combination of both. 


Through Human Design I have learned to understand and embody the strengths and abilities of my being even more comprehensively.

My energy type, the so-called projector, who is here primarily to see others, to see their soul and to help them succeed. 


I would like to show my clients new ways and possibilities to recognize and release their potential.


2021      Human Design Teacher Training

2020      Theta Healing Basis DNA,

              Dig Deeper,  Advanced DNA, Manifestation

2018      Yoga Teacher Ashtanga RYS 200

             ( Thai Massage/ Non-Violent Communication)

2015      Dance and Movement Pedagogy

2014      Master of Education Music and Mathematics

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